Friday, March 25, 2011

New project: tripod adapter plate.

A while ago, I bought a tripod at an antique fair. First it was cheap, and second it is an older fairly well made model. The tripod is a perfect size to carry in a back pack or for close macro work. As always there is a problem. The base screw is not the same size as the modern standard, it is larger. Like the type found on an expensive tripod for mounting a ball head.

The cost of an adapter at a local shop seemed high. I could source one on the net or I could make my own. As always I chose to make it myself.

First I started by taking a universal base plate ( the quick release type, from another cheap tripod that I no longer have ) and took the base screw for my use. I laid everything out in hobby plastic.

Then hand set a mock up.

Tested the fit

And put it all together. So far it works great and makes a nice tripod immediately useable. In the future I may decide I like the tripod and will buy it the proper parts or a cheap ball head. For now this will do just fine.

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