Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cheap bounce part 2

Well I have made 3 prototypes and have come up with an idea of how to make this as simple and small as possible. I will post some photos tomorrow. So far this has been much easier than expected.


Sorry for the iPhone pictures, but alas I am lazy. Here are the three basic ideas.

First I built one that looks like the same type of concept as the one I linked to in the first post.

It works as I expected it to, but is bulky.

The second design I simplified by using a piece of plastic packaging and a piece of paper-tape.

This also works well, but seems to complicated still.

So my third idea was to simplify as much as possible.

All this is is some plastic packaging with a paper tape back and it is bent and taped under the on camera flash. I like this one the best as it is so simple. The first one that uses a mirror works the best, but adjust the flash up one level of compensation and this works just as well.

I will post examples soon.

part 3


  1. Instead of a mirror why not a piece of silver Mylar? You can get it at arts and crafts store. Maybe more than you need but it is thin. Or use an old silver Mylar balloon piece. Will help in the reflectivity.

  2. Hi, just wanted to point out the 2nd revision uses metal foil tape. Much like Mylar but far more durable.