Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cheap bounce vs Nikon SB-800

So I decided i need one last proof is in the pudding result. Let me forward this by saying that i do believe that the SB-800 is the best flash ever made and that it is better than the SB-900. By no means would I ever suggest that my cheap paper idea could ever go toe to toe with the great speedlight. I will however say that no matter how much i love it, i do leave it at home a lot. So here are two ( not very well framed, handheld, with a zoom lens because I am lazy and didn't feel like walking upstairs ) shots, one with the paper bounce and one with my Nikon SB-800. What do you think of the results?

Paper bounce flash


Not too bad if I say so myself. Granted the DOF is not great in either picture, but I think from a lighting perspective the results are pretty good. To start at the first post and understand what the cheap bounce is please click here.

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